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divi theme review
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Divi Theme Review – Is It The Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

Considering using Divi theme for your website?

In this review, we’ll help you decide if Divi is the right WordPress theme for your website.

Divi is an exceptional theme in many ways. I have seen few themes as multifaceted as Divi, which makes it an excellent theme for pretty much any purpose. Coupled with its great graphics and a powerful page builder, it certainly is a worthy contender for the title of the best multipurpose theme.

Great graphics, multipurpose orientation, and a powerful page builder; this in and of itself is a potent combination. But having used Divi on a test site, I can tell you that it is certainly a theme that a non-developer uses to create a functional and elegant website with the least effort. And I believe that the best themes should always be capable of lending voice to the creative intent of any online entrepreneur without distinguishing those who can and can not code. And Divi certainly goes a long way in that regard as well. Please read our detailed Divi theme review to find out more.

Let’s have a closer inspection of Divi before heaping further praise.

A Preview Of Divi’s Appearance

Let’s have a first-hand look at how a Divi-run website looks. A theme is a cloak that adorns your website’s content, your content is only as attractive as its theme allows it to be. By using Divi, your content can be placed on the most visually impressive of pedestals for your readership to enjoy.

divi theme review - design

Creating a website like the one shown in the preview above takes a bit of ability and prior programming knowledge without a page builder.

But with Divi page builder, the process is made easy enough for those looking to build their websites but aren’t technically savvy enough to do. Enough about the Divi builder, we’ll get to that in greater detail later in the Divi review.

View Full Preview

Divi ePanel

From the ePanel, you can access some pretty important stuff relevant to any website. Under General Settings, you can manage your site’s logo, favicon, navigation bar, MailChimp API, your AWeber authorization code, and display social media accounts on your site.

Accessing the navigation tab in ePanel will help create the right navigation for your websites and modify the number and choice of pages and categories. Ad Management permits easy handling of your site’s display advertisement and the sizes of the banners. Apart from that, you can read the documentation for your theme, add any additional code with integration, achieve the desired level of search engine optimization and manage your layout settings—pretty normal stuff on any excellent theme.

Divi Appearance Customization Panel

Divi comes to you with the customization options under Appearance > Customize. And from here, you can change the color schemes, navigation for your site, fonts, background image, widgets, and opt for a static front page. The developers added quite many new features in the recent version. The new things done on the customization panel will surely catch your eye.


Since version 2.5 Divi theme now supports Module Customizer via the familiar WordPress Theme Customizer live preview. It brings many useful features that will help you to create personalized modules with ease. To get an idea of how it looks we have prepared a screenshot:


Divi Builder – A Powerful Drag & Drop Tool

If you ask someone to identify the ultimate selling point of this theme, it has to be the page builder capabilities.
Once you open Pages > Add New, you’ll notice a use “Page Builder” button under the standard add new page title bar. Click on the button, and this is what awaits you.


Upon initial inspection, it does not look like much. But upon proceeding to use it further, you realize there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Now you can choose to load one of the 32 premade layouts available to you, or you can create your own. But the list of premade layouts is pretty extensive, and it encompasses the appropriate page layouts for multiple purposes, at least one of which should be the right fit for your website.


I tried to create a layout, but I found it rather difficult to conceptualize the site I am looking for. The easier option would be to use a premade layout and then edit it according to my needs.

If you were to load the Homepage Shop layout, the builder would automatically load a complete schematic of the ideal shopping website.


As you might have guessed by now, it is good to start with a premade layout, it saves a great deal of time. But if you intend to create your site with numerous new pages, Divi builder is a pretty handy tool. You can add sections, full-width sections, specialty sections and modules for functionality.

Modules are an easy way to add functionality to the various sections of the new page you are creating. You can not start adding modules when you add a new section because the particular section hasn’t been divided into columns yet. Columns are a way of splitting your sections into different widths as a ratio of the site’s entire width. With full-width sections, you jump right to adding modules.

If you’d rather not select columns manually, add a specialty section and you’ll get several column choices dividing the section into multiple blocks of differing sizes.


After adding the appropriate number of sections and columns, we finally add the necessary modules to make your page whole. The developers packed Divi builder with tons of options at your disposal.


Apart from adding modules, you can add your personal touch to it and add CSS to modify the module’s Appearance. You can add a custom background for each section and enable custom CSS with a CSS ID.
Sections, columns and modules make up the building blocks of your custom page. You can move sections and modules easily and switch positions to meet your requirements.

If Divi page builder is the first drag and drop builder you’ve ever used, the page builder may be a bit difficult to handle at first. But once you see the page builder, it will take a few minutes at best to familiarize yourself with the builder’s options.

Another thing that will come in handy permits you to add layouts from your previous themes and websites. That way, you do not have to create pages from scratch.

How Does It Look ?

Now, if you were to construct something simple, and you do so in under an hour, wondering what it would look like?


It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to create a simple and yet highly effective clean homepage for your website.

Easy To Create With Builder For A WP Newbie ?

You may be confused by the number of options in front of you when using the Divi builder. But if you stick with it for a while and use the premade layouts to help get you started, then using the builder to create a complex web page shouldn’t be a challenging task.

The developers designed it for the non-tech savvy folks looking for the right tool to give voice to their creative imaginations in the manner of a creative, elegant web page.

Other Theme Options – Languages & RTL

This theme has 32 built-in translations. In addition, it’s fully translatable and comes with full RTL support as well.

Divi Languages

So your website doesn’t need to be limited to any region because of language.

Support And Documentation

From what I’ve heard and read, most customers have found the support responsive and sufficient. But with the documentation they provide, it is unlikely that you’ll need to avail of their support.

Elegant themes provide quite extensive documentation about their themes generally. Divi aims its documentation at helping the non-tech savvy to familiarize themselves with the theme and its features.

If you are concerned about your ability to use this theme to the fullest, I would suggest that you have a look at the documentation provided.

View Documentation


Any revenue generating website or high traffic website needs to be genuinely concerned with security. WordPress is a secure platform. There aren’t more than a few vulnerabilities that have been exposed in the last few years. That being said you are certainly right to look for excellent security features from your theme. And Divi does not disappoint.

The engineers at Elegant Themes have made it a point to make their themes as secure as possible. Sucuri is one of the best providers of security solutions for websites using the WordPress platform. A code audit by Sucuri, having gone through Divi’s code have confirmed that it’s a secure platform for your site.

Websites using Divi WordPress Theme

Divi theme has powered thousands and thousands of websites in the web. To keep this review shorter, we decided to create another article where we have showcased over 30 awesome websites. You can find these Divi theme examples here.


Divi, along with 86 other themes and 6 other plugins, is at $89 per year. Paying $89 for a single theme may be considered pricey by some. But, for 86 themes and 6 plugins, it is excellent value for money. But, for 86 themes and 6 plugins, it is excellent value for money. And you shouldn’t discount the value of their other themes and plugins, they are equally well-engineered. A good example would be Monarch. It’s Elegant Theme’s social sharing plugin, one of the best social sharing plugins for a WordPress site.

divi theme pricing

The personal package is priced at $89 per year, but that comes without the plugins. Do you like the plugins and themes a great deal and you’ve already paid for the personal package? Well, you can upgrade it to Lifetime Access with a one-time payment of $249. The purchase also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide that Divi isn’t for you. These are the main things you should know about this theme. Here are some things that we would like to say to conclude our Divi review.

Divi Theme Pros

  • Ideal for the non tech savvy online entrepreneur
  • Truly multi purpose, designed for freelancers, small agencies/businesses, magazines and online stores
  • The ability to craft powerful landing pages for any website without any knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • One of the best drag & drop page builders with multiple premade layouts, modules and sections
  • Aesthetic design & great graphics
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, Aweber, MailChimp and Google Maps
  • Useful documentation for people new to the WordPress platform
  • Lifetime updates
  • Very good value for money

Divi Theme Cons

  • Number of options can potentially overwhelm you
  • Not the best option for developers
  • If you switch from Divi to any other theme, then there is a disaster waiting to happen..
  • Main Theme Options panel looks outdated


I would like to finish things by answering some common questions about the Divi theme.

Is Divi good for beginners?

Divi is a great theme for beginners because it comes with loads of pre-designed templates that you can further modify using a visual drag and drop page builder. It comes with extensive documentation and outstanding customer support as well.

Is it worth buying Divi?

It depends on your personal preference and the website you are working on. I personally like this theme a lot, but it might be too much for someone looking to make a simple WordPress blog.

Can you use Divi Builder without the Divi theme?

Yes, you can! The Divi Builder comes as a standalone plugin that you can use with any WordPress theme. In a plugin form, it will offer all the great website building benefits just like it would in combination with the Divi theme itself.

Is the Divi theme slow?

It certainly is not the fastest premium WordPress theme, but it is not terrible either. Any other popular multipurpose theme will offer a similar performance and there isn’t any tradeoff if you choose Divi over others. Make sure to use the cache plugin and CDN to make the most out of it.  

How much does the Divi theme cost?

Divi is part of Elegant Themes membership, which starts at $89/year, or you can get lifetime access for $249.

Is Divi good for SEO?

Yes, it is! It follows all the best SEO practices to make your website rank well in Google and other search engines. We still recommend using any of the free SEO WordPress plugins with it to optimize it further.

How hard is it to move away from Divi theme?

Divi used lock-in users by scattering shortcodes all over your website once you disabled the theme itself or Divi Builder plugin. However, it is no longer the case and you can move away to any other WordPress theme or page builder plugin with ease.

Is Divi theme the best WordPress theme?

Maybe. There aren’t any such this as the best WordPress theme. Each use case and project might require a different theme. Divi is a great theme for many cases but it is not a theme for everyone.

What users say about Divi theme

It has the highest review score on Trustpilot for any WordPress theme. One of the highest for any product I have seen. 97% of customers have given them a 5-star rating. That’s a remarkable achievement.

Divi of Elementor?

Both offer outstanding flexibility to build a custom design website using WordPress. You can’t go wrong by choosing one or the other. It all comes down to your personal preference and the design that you like more. Functionality for both is the same.

Final Thoughts

Should you use the Divi WordPress theme?

Div offers amazing flexibility that can be matched by only a few other themes. Divi is a great theme to build a custom design website using WordPress without any previous technical knowledge or experience.

If any, few themes offer so much in the way of choice to a WordPress newbie. The creators designed this theme very well and used all of its features in a pretty intuitive way. It caters to the needs of all possible niches. The page builder is a powerful ally for any online entrepreneur. You can use it to create landing pages for specific purposes. This theme helps with adding your CSS code into the theme with little effort. You can do this even when you have a little bit of design skill.

I am leery of calling any theme the best. For me, Divi is a multipurpose theme with a powerful page builder for an online entrepreneur in any niche. This is certainly a theme that anyone interested in creating a WordPress site should look at. Are you a current/past user of Divi or Elegant Themes? Then, let us know what you think of the updates in the comments below! And if you have any other questions, fire away! That’s it on our Divi theme review!

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