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Top 18 Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress 2021

A comprehensive list of the best free contact form plugins for WordPress. Create custom contact and order forms with these simple yet powerful WordPress plugins.

Communication is essential in maintaining a steady flow of support, feedback, sales, and opportunities, whether for a business or a personal blog. However, while used by millions of business people and bloggers worldwide, WordPress does not offer a direct communication method. So, bloggers need to rely on the public plugin repository to find the contact form plugins that best suit their needs.

The Contact Us or Contact Me pages are among the most visited pages on any website. It’s a way for like-minded individuals to connect and communicate with each other. Thus, lacking a contact page on your website can mean a huge loss in contacts and business opportunities. Ensure that your customers can reach out to you whenever they have a question. Looking up personal emails on the web is never fun and is very unprofessional. Besides, there is no reason to hide your emails anymore because platforms provide truly sensational spam protection.

Contact forms themselves can be used to inspire a call to action, such as sending messages. Using a white-on-black contact form with no added personality can sometimes lead to a lack of emails. Sometimes, though, all you need is simplicity. Fortunately, this list features a huge variety of choices. Some will undoubtedly suit even the most complex of WordPress blogs and platforms. Others will match your simple requirements. These contact form plugins are stylish but easy to use, allow custom modifications, and are equipped with security and spam protection features.

Compare your personal favorite to this list. If we have missed out on a genuinely reliable contact form plugin, please let us know through our contact form or the comments section. Give us the URL of your favorite contact form plugin, as well as the reason why you like it so much. We then will do our best to consider it for inclusion in the following list.

Best Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

Kali Forms

kali forms banner

Are you looking for an easy-to-use WordPress form plugin? Well, meet Kali Forms! This plugin has a bunch of powerful features for developers and users. Besides being free, it provides a large variety of fields to build up your forms. Take advantage of the Kali Forms functionalities and start creating contact forms, reviews, feedback forms for your needs. It also has a function that will help you group fields in individual pages. And this is not all – Kali Forms is well-known for its many quality features:

  • Multi-page forms;
  • Predesigned form templates;
  • File upload fields for forms;
  • Email notifications for both submitting users and admins;
  • Drag and drop feature for building your forms;
  • No Form Spam;

Did I mention it is user-friendly? Well, if you don’t believe me, install this plugin to convince yourself. Use the Kali Forms plugin and start creating the most stunning forms for your website.


Form Maker by 10Web

form maker by 10web free contact form plugin
If you are looking for the best free contact form WordPress plugins, you surely came to the right place. We have a bunch of solid tools that will benefit you greatly. Form Maker by 10Web is a spectacular extension that will help you create both basic and advanced forms without the need to invest too much time and energy into them. You do not even need to be a programmer to add a functional form to your blog or website with Form Maker by 10Web.

Form Maker by 10Web are spam protection, multi-page forms, easy embedding, and submission management. The ready-made templates, a whopping 43 different form fields, and drag and drop form editor will get you going swiftly. The outcome will also be mobile-ready, perfectly adjusting to any screen and device in a snap.


Contact Form by BestWebSoft

WordPress › Contact Form by BestWebSoft « WordPress Plugins

BestWebSoft offers a reliable contact form plugin that requires next to no configuration changes to begin receiving emails from your contact pages. It uses a traditional shortcode approach for displaying your form. So, you can create a new WordPress page and put the shortcode in there. Then, use the menu to add the new page to your main menu and use it as a means of redirecting visitors to your contact form. This plugin is for beginners, so the technical barrier is not that high.

BestWebSoft is a modern web development company, so expect your new contact form to be responsive to mobile and tablet devices, any screen size. Customize each form to consist of specific fields and requirements of your choosing. Make those fields mandatory or optional. Then, select many required forms that the user needs to fill out so that you can learn more about their intentions and their background.

You can enable features like file attachments to allow others to upload content through your form. This contact form is therefore great for sites that deal with customer support and anything of that nature. Spam protection is of high importance. Expect two different choices for captcha plugins: reCAPTCHA and BestWebSoft’s own Captcha plugin. Also, it’s easy extend the plugin through the use of additional plugins.


Contact Form to Email

WordPress › Contact Form to Email « WordPress Plugins

CodePeople brings out a special email support management plugin for quick and effective email delivery. All emails sent are saved in the database, and you can choose to export them to CSV and Excel formats. You can also choose to print out your list of messages for future reference. The visual forms builder (drag and drop) will make it easy even for the most inexperienced WordPress users to build contact forms within seconds. Anti-spam features include a CAPTCHA plugin for maximum security. One of the reasons why thousands of people are constantly returning to this plugin is the Reports feature. With it, bloggers can learn about their visitors’ behavior and their email sending habits, giving an insight on how to improve that experience.



formidable free contact form wordpress plugin
If you are short on time but would still like to create a sophisticated contact form, make it happen with Formidable. This free WordPress plugin offers everyone to hammer out the exact form that they prefer. With Formidable, you also do not need to be a skilled coder to make it a realization. Thanks to the drag and drop technique, even someone building their first contact form will succeed at it.

There is no experience necessary.

Formidable’s other goodies include visual styler, email notifications, mobile readiness, and compatibility with all WordPress themes. Of course, with Formidable, you can go way beyond contact form creation, as the tool works for crafting nearly any form that your heart desires. Even quizzes! There are all the fields predefined for you to start creating immediately.


Everest Forms

everest forms free contact form wordpress plugin
Everest Forms is a highly popular free contact form WordPress plugin that you can easily and immediately take to your total advantage. Instead of doing the work from the square one, you can now enjoy all the amazing perks that Everest Forms comes with. And there are quite a few.

First and foremost, with the technique of dragging and dropping, you will never need to touch a single line of code to make adjustments and improvements to the form you are creating. Perfect for beginners.

Everest Forms was created with simplicity in mind, not just for the interface but for the final design. Other treats include mobile-ready layout, shortcode, drop-downs, multiple columns, quick preview, and CSV export entries. While the free version already delivers various options, you can always step things up by going pro.


WP Fluent Forms

fluentform free contact form wordpress plugin
If you are scouring the web for a dedicated free contact form WordPress plugin, you better not check out WP Fluent Forms. Of course, you can also use this tool to create other types of forms, no need to limit yourself in any way. Thanks to the method of dragging and dropping, you will have a little breeze setting things up so the final product will precisely suit your website’s style and regulations.

Multi-column forms, confirmation messages, templates, Google Recaptcha, MailChimp integration and file uploads are just some of the features that WP Fluent Forms supports. You can even specify when you would like your form to come into view and when to disappear. You see, the options truly are endless with the powerful WP Fluent Forms.


Contact Form Builder by vCita

WordPress › Contact Form Builder by vCita « WordPress Plugins

Guys at vCita are taking the modern web design approach to deliver a stunning contact form experience for webmasters. Use the extensive configuration panel to create forms that will capture every important detail from your visitors. The styling is fully customizable. Instantly convert it into a beautiful and rounded-up email.

The premium version of the plugin is more advanced but requires a monetary investment. The free version is flexible and sufficient enough to be used on sites that deal with large-scale requests.


Contact Form by WPForms

contact form plugin by wpforms
No doubt, if you create a contact form to add to your website, you can do it all on your own. Regardless of your prior experience, you can successfully design and develop one with the help of the Contact Form by WPForms. This free WordPress plugin has all the necessary coupled with a comfortable drag and drop builder. You can create the much-needed form in a few quick moves and have it featured on your page shortly after.

Along with all the mentioned, the Contact Form by WPForms also sports all the latest web and tech practices to make sure the experience is outstanding across all devices and platforms. It is fast performing as well and will not affect your website’s search engine optimization at all. Pick the suitable ready-to-use template and start performing adjustments until it fully matches your style.


Caldera Forms

caldera forms plugin
Caldera Forms is a free contact form WordPress plugin that ensures a straightforward form creation process. It is the visual builder that guarantees seamless form assembly that is very beginner-friendly, yet perfect for professionals. In short, anyone can use Caldera Forms and see fantastic results shortly after the implementation.

There are many goodies that Caldera Forms treats you to, ensuring you create the exact contact form that you want. From addons and anti-spam to notification emails, database entry tracking, and exporting entries to CSV, Caldera Forms has all the stuff you need and more. The final design will also be responsive, cross-browser compatible, and guarantee lightning-fast loading speed. Get your contact form live now and take Caldera Forms to your advantage.



forminator free contact form wordpress plugin
I bet you know where this name comes from. Forminator is a free contact form WordPress plugin which unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you when it comes to making contact forms. First and foremost, with the drag and drop function, you do not need to change a single string of code to edit and add a fresh contact form to your website.

Forminator is a versatile and multi-functional tool that will elevate your website or blog. Along with constructing forms, with Forminator, you can also build polls and quizzes quickly and easily. Other functions come in the form of Google ReCAPTCHA, storing and organizing submissions, as well as – for the tech-savvy ones – an option to include your two cents and create a custom-made integration. Forminator is also compatible with Gutenberg, mobile devices, retina-screens, and modern web browsers.


Ninja Forms

ninja forms free contact form wordpress plugin
Ninja Forms is a free contact form WordPress plugin that takes barely any time to construct even the most complicated forms. And, as you know already, there is no need for you to have any prior experience at all. It could be your first time creating a form, and you will unquestionably succeed at it. There is no dull code to work with, only dragging and dropping technology that everyone will feel comfortable using right off the bat.

Other specialties of Ninja Forms are easy-to-use fields with the required option, success message, export and import forms, and various anti-spam options. To keep things as simple as possible, download the Ninja Forms plugin now – it is free! – and see how stupidly simple forging a 100% functional contact form is.


Contact Form Maker

WordPress › Contact Form Maker « WordPress Plugins

Dorado and web are professionals in Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal content management systems. Their experience shows in each of the plugins that they can share with the community. The Contact Form Maker is not an exception to this. WordPress Contact Form Maker uses a simple and easy to manage backend interface. So, users who can’t make code-level changes will be able to customize and change using parameters.


Contact Form 7

WordPress › Contact Form 7 « WordPress Plugins

We saved what we believe to be the best for last, and for good reasons. Contact Form 7 is the most installed contact form plugin within the public WordPress plugin database. Millions of bloggers, businesses, and writers rely on CF 7 daily to receive and manage their feedback, emails, support questions, and so much more.

Contact Form 7 will let you create an unlimited number of forms with a total number of variations in the form of field types, requirements, security protection, and more. Remember, this is THE most popular plugin of this kind, so that alone speaks for itself. Before we close our post, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular extension plugins for Contact Form 7 and how those can help to improve our overall user-to-user interaction.


Contact Form 7 Addons and Extensions

There’s no questioning the usability of Contact Form 7, but even the best of the best can sometimes still be adjusted and optimized for a much more refined experience. We decided to leave Contact Form 7 last on our list — because the community has been so supportive of the plugin — as there are many very cool extensions available to make your Contact Form 7 experience a much more exciting one. The following addons and extensions will greatly help to enhance the overall business experience for small businesses, startups and agencies who wish to convert their WordPress platform into a full-enterprise solution for business needs and tasks.

Yes, it’s quite a known fact that CF7 is easy to work with, but even a plugin like this can run out of good features, and this is where extensions begin to come in, and what a blessing it is that the developers of CF 7 are allowing others to built extensions on top of it.

Contact Form 7 – PayPal Integration Add-on

WordPress › Contact Form 7 PayPal Integration Add on « WordPress Plugins

Turn your CF 7 into a fully functional billing solution. This PayPal module extension will give you the necessary tools for collecting payments as soon as users create a successful contact submission. Whether you want to use it to collect payments for digital products or services you provide, this will be the plugin to make it all happen for you without the extra fuss.


Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension

WordPress › Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension « WordPress Plugins

Are you a user of MailChimp? Wish to extend your list through Contact Form 7? What better way to do it than using this CF 7 addon to grow your email list through each new submission. It offers all the opt-in features that MailChimp itself would provide.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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